The distance between two notes is called interval. There are different intervals such Major abbreviated (M). minor (m) or (-). Perfect (P). Augmented (+). Diminished (°). Tritone (T).

See below the intervals from C note:
Note that when it comes to name chords, the interval Major third or minor third gives either a Major chord or a minor Chord.
Four minor intervals: Minor second (m2). Minor third (m3). Minor sixth (m6). Minor seventh (m7).

Three major intervals: Major second (M3). Major third (M3). Major sixth (M6). Major seventh (M7).

Two perfect intervals: Perfect fourth P(4). Perfect fifth (P5).

Two Augmented intervals: Augmented fourth (+4). Augmented fifth (5+).

One diminished intervals: Diminished fourth (5°)

The Intervals