Some Words about Music Theory

The purpose of this section is to present the basic knowledge of music theory, scales and guitar technique.

Now the question is; do I need to know music theory to be a musician, or a guitar player?

That would be like saying; do I need to know grammar to speak a language?

Since music is a language, I would say that if you want to communicate and pass on your experience to other musicians, it would be more convenient to speak the same language.

Scales practice is something that has changed from the time where rock or blues guitar players would stay away from them. Nowadays, with the rise of outstanding and skilled guitar players, this way of thinking has changed and more and more rock or blues guitar players are in quest of finding some tricky arpeggios or licks to improve their techniques and ability to play fast.

But of course the most important is practice. Slowly but surely, but the key answer is practice.

On the other hand, I would like to point out that all of these scales exercises are helping guides and should be considered as such.

To make it short, the aim of all this is to enable you to go beyond the stage of "school boy guitar player".

To do so, consider these scales and exercises as your play ground. Do not be afraid to modify them. Bring your own inspiration and interpretation. The path between theory and improvisation will shorten as your technique improves.