Something About me.


I live in Lausanne (Switzerland) and I started playing the guitar when I was 14. I played in rock bands and then I studied classical guitar in the Lausanne Conservatory. I played for five years or so professionally but I then decided to make a pause to undertake studies to work in the Lausanne high school of technologies. Being retired and free with a great deal of motivation I now consider myself as a "one-man" band and I'm happy to offer my work and musical experience for free. I have also decided to update and redesign this website that I started in 2005. The aim of it is to provide a musical platform to entice people into studying music as much as possible. Hence, I believe in a solid music knowledge that will bring so much freedom in the composition and musical analysis. It is nowadays an undoubted asset.

"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”

― Pablo Picasso

Musical influences:

I like all music styles from classical music to Jazz music.


Fender Stratocaster American standard - Gibson CE Chet Atkins - Gibson SG 68 - Yamaha Silent guitar - Boss GT-001 - Line 6 Pod XT live - MacBook Pro, LogicProX - Final and GuitarPro 7 Music Sheet Editors.


Living in Switzerland offers plenty of opportunities in term of sports activities. Mountain trekking, Running, Biking, skiing and so on.


Dionisio Aguado Guitar Method.

It has been with me for years and is still a great source of work.

Le Site du Professeur Jean-Louis Fabre. (in French)

A great source of information about music history.

Great books and teaching from that School.