GuitarPro 7.

GuitarPro is a nice and affordable tool to write music, drum turnarounds, backing tracks and so on. It will also give you the opportunity to write your own music. On the other hands, it allows you, for instance, to export midi files to Logic ProX so that you can then finalise your work with a professional tool.

Working with Voices.

The four voices buttons, with in blue, the Multivoice.
On Voice one is  a whole note.
On voice two, you'll find the eighth notes.
And finally, the Multivoice. Please note the direction of the stems.
Stems button

On the MacOS, the keyboard shortcuts are (cmd 1,2,3,4) and the Multivoice (cmd M).

Working with GP Drum.

Writing a drum line with GuitarPro is easy. Just use voices like above mentioned. I use voice 1 for the high hat, voice 2 for the kick and voice 3 for the snare. The snare has three kinds of sounds that can be selected on the numeric pad (1, 2, 3). 

Listen to GP Drum_sample.

Sunny Backing Track.

Sunny backing Track